What is VNA Pallet Racking?

Are you thinking of using VNA pallet racking for your warehouse? Or maybe you still have some concerns about using the VNA pallet racking system. Then why don’t you join us now to learn more about VNA pallet racking, maybe you will have a new harvest!

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What is VNA Pallet Racking

VNA pallet racking is one of the racking systems of pallet racking, of which the full name of VNA is Very Narrow Aisle. As the name suggests, it is a kind of warehouse system with a very narrow aisle width, which is designed to maximize the use of space in the warehouse.

Where its aisle width is usually between 5.25 feet – and 7.2 feet, the exact width is to be adjusted according to the buyer’s specific situation, there is not a fixed standard.

This type of racking system can also be used in conjunction with some modern intelligent storage tools, for example, you can combine it with an automated retrieval system to improve the efficiency of goods retrieval and access.

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Advantages of VNA Pallet Racking

Increased Storage Capacity

One of the advantages of the VNA pallet racking system is that it gives you more storage space without changing the physical space of your warehouse. Because the layout reduces the footprint of the aisles and the stacking heights are higher than in a normal racking system, there is a lot more storage space available.

Improve Space Utilization

When we are paying an exorbitant amount of rent every month or every year, it’s time to utilize the space in the warehouse to the maximum. Since the floor space of a warehouse is fixed, it is the most common practice to utilize the upper space upwards. However, VNA pallet racking does it better by not only utilizing the upper space but also increasing the number of racks by shortening the aisle width.

In this way, you can increase space utilization without changing the size of your warehouse!


The beams and columns of VNA pallet racking are reconfigurable, which means that you can come back to it in subsequent use to adapt it to different sizes of products. The benefit of this feature is that businesses have the flexibility to arrange each VNA pallet racking when dealing with a variety of different sizes of goods.

Enhanced Cargo Accessibility

The VNA pallet racking system is not just about the racking itself, but also about the VNA forklift trucks. VNA pallet racking is essentially pallet racking, which, combined with the high lift heights and guiding systems of the VNA forklift trucks, makes efficient access to the goods a no-brainer.


The VNA pallet racking system is a dense storage system, so safety is a very important topic in such a dense working environment. For this reason, manufacturers such as HEDA have set very strict manufacturing standards for the construction and load-bearing design of VNA pallet racking systems to ensure that each set of racks meets safety standards.

Therefore, the quality and safety of the products meet the standards of many countries.

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Disadvantages of VNA Pallet Racking

Higher Initial Cost

Unlike other common racking, VNA pallet racking usually requires specialized design and customization. This is because every customer who needs VNA pallet racking has different needs, but because of this, it is sold at a higher price.

In addition to that, buyers also need to purchase forklifts that are suitable for the VNA pallet racking system, which is another additional expense.

The Need For Specialized Equipment

In addition to the VNA forklift trucks just mentioned, we need more specialized safety equipment to keep our employees safe when working in dense racking systems. This would include several collision avoidance devices for the racking and safety wear facilities for the employees.

In addition, companies that use VNA pallet racking systems are usually looking for greater efficiency in accessing goods. In this case, then, there is a need for warehouse management systems as well as equipment such as rack marking.

Operational Complexity

VNA pallet racking system because of the narrow aisles, the way and process of accessing the goods is also different from the normal pallet racking, and this can make the daily work of the employees more complicated.

This means that companies also need to train their employees in the operation of the system before putting it into production, to ensure that they can handle their work safely and efficiently in it.

Cargo Restrictions

Large goods are extremely difficult to get in and out of in these situations due to the narrow aisles, and they are not easy to store high up. So if your goods are large raw materials etc., perhaps choosing another type of warehouse racking would suit you better.

Working Environment

Before adopting the VNA pallet racking system, we need to understand what a narrow workspace entails.

First of all, air circulation and lighting, because higher stacking conditions and dense storage of goods will certainly have an impact on air circulation and lighting. In addition, people working for a long time in a narrow space will also have an impact on their emotions, so the control of working hours and the rotation of operators need to be paid attention to by enterprises.

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What Industries is VNA Pallet Racking Used in?

In terms of products, VNA pallet racking is suitable for storing goods of moderate size; there is no problem storing goods between 4-8 feet in length and 2.6-4 feet in width. As for the weight aspect, you need to coordinate with your supplier.

In this case, the industries that are usually suitable are food, medical, and industrial parts. Because industries in this category have a large number of products with moderate weights and sizes, and most importantly a high daily throughput, the VNA pallet racking system’s high efficiency of cargo access is very useful.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Warehouse Space And Layout

Before adopting the VNA pallet racking system, we need to understand our warehouse situation, for example, what is the floor space of our warehouse? What is the actual usable floor space? What is the height of the warehouse? Does the fire protection system and ventilation system in the warehouse affect the layout of the racking? And so on these issues need us to understand clearly.

Regarding the layout of the shelves, you can seek help from your supplier. We will provide customers with this service, which will also provide customers with space design drawings.

Storage Requirements

There are several things that we need to know when talking to our suppliers. For example, we need to know the approximate size and weight range of our goods so that the supplier or manufacturer can provide you with the right VNA pallet racking system, because different weight ranges of the racks will result in different material specifications used in manufacturing, and different goods specifications are also considered for the design of the beams and columns.


Usually racking suppliers do not provide you with forklift trucks, so after you adopt VNA pallet racking, you have to buy forklift trucks that are specially designed for this kind of racking, and these kinds of forklift trucks are generally known as VNA forklift trucks. The price of this forklift is basically between 20,000-40,000 U.S. dollars, if there are special requirements, such as higher performance or more advanced technology will be more expensive.

However, HEDA as an established racking manufacturer has rich supply chain resources in forklift trucks, if you need we can also provide you with a cost-effective quote.

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Building a perfect shelving system is going to cost you money in many ways, so we need to plan the expenses as well as calculate the costs before we do all these things, which will be very beneficial for your business.


Typically we need to train our staff in safety before putting VNA pallet racking into operation, and since this racking system also uses VNA forklift trucks, additional training is required for the operation of these specially designed forklift trucks.

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