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Double Deep Racking

⁤Double deep racking belongs to a very special type of warehouse racking, which is characterized by the design of two rows of shelves merged together. ⁤⁤The advantage of this design is that it can increase storage space and reduce the appearance of aisles to place more shelves.

⁤⁤However, you need to be aware that this type of racking requires the use of a special forklift to access the goods, because the double deep pallet racking system is very deep, and common forklifts can not access the deep goods. ⁤

Advantages of Double Deep Racking

Improve Space Utilization:
The difference between double deep racking and traditional pallet racking is that it has two deep pallets, which means double deep racking has more storage space than traditional racking. And double deep racking also saves more aisle space, which in turn can be used for more shelving. In this way, the space utilization of double deep pallet racking is significantly improved.

Cost Savings:
Compared to renting a new warehouse, the cost of using double deep racking is much lower.
In fact, you can make a calculation to see how much storage space you have in total after a reasonable arrangement of double deep pallet racking according to your existing warehouse area to see if it can meet your increased demand for goods. Generally speaking, it can increase 30%-40% of the storage space.

Shelf Load Capacity Height and number of levels MOQ
Needs to be tailored to your needs

Application of Double Deep Racking

High Density Storage Requirements
In some developed countries or regions, warehouses are facing increasing rents, so high-density storage is what everyone is looking for. This is because high density racking systems such as double deep pallet racking allow these companies to obtain more storage space and save more costs without changing the size of the existing warehouse.

Low Inventory Turnover/Non-Perishable or Expired Stock
Because double deep warehouse racking is a LIFO (Last in, First out) storage system, it is only suitable for companies with low inventory turnover. Because in the layout of double deep racking, there are inevitably some that need to be close to the wall, then in this case, the first goods stored in these racks are usually the last to be taken out.

Already Have Special Equipment
If you are already using a similar type of warehouse racking prior to double deep racking, and you already have a specially designed forklift, then double deep racking is right for you. Because forklifts that fit the design of double deep pallet racking are more expensive, you can definitely save a lot of money if you already have a similarly designed forklift.

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