What is Double Deep Racking?

If you are currently looking for a racking to fulfill your high density low turnover storage needs, then I think the existence of double deep racking can definitely help you. But as the saying goes, you can only win a hundred battles if you know your enemy and know yourself, so before you really adopt double deep racking for your warehouse, you must have a comprehensive understanding of it.

Because everything has good and bad sides, when we all know it, you like its good side and can accept its bad side, then it is suitable for you! So now let’s keep reading together! Learn everything you need to know about the double deep pallet racking system.

What is Double Deep Racking?

What is Double Deep Racking?

The origin of the name double deep racking is mostly based on its own appearance. Because the appearance of double deep racking is two rows of shelves merged together, where each level has two vertical pallet depths, and that’s why it’s called double deep racking.

However, because of this design, when the operator wants to take out the second pallet of goods, he has to move the first pallet of goods first, and this inventory management method is LIFO (Last in, First out).

However, one difference between double deep racking and single deep racking is that it requires a specific forklift to access the goods. Because of the depth of the longitudinal double pallet, the depth of ordinary forklift cannot reach the requirement. So the forklift trucks that can meet this kind of demand are generally called deep-reach forklift trucks, and their characteristic is that they have a telescopic arm design, so that it can be convenient to access the goods in the depth of double deep racking.

Advantage For Double Deep Racking

High space utilization

Can you imagine how to achieve the highest space utilization in a fixed indoor warehouse? The answer would be to utilize the space above the warehouse to the fullest extent and to maximize the amount of racking.

However, to ensure space utilization and reasonable space design, I think only double deep racking can be completed. Because double deep warehouse racking can save more aisle space than traditional racking.

For example: using traditional racking layout, ten rows of shelves need at least nine aisles, while using double deep racking, ten rows of shelves only need four aisles. So if it is a whole warehouse, the aisle space released is a very considerable area.

Cost Effectiveness

In some developed countries or regions, warehouse rents are often very high, so higher density storage and better space utilization is directly equivalent to saving you a very considerable amount of money each year. Because the same amount of goods stored in double deep racking requires less actual floor space, you have the advantage of renting a smaller warehouse to meet your needs.

Efficient Access

Although the storage density of double deep racking is higher than that of traditional racking, it makes all the difference when combined with the use of special forklifts. So even if the density of goods in the warehouse is high, companies only need to give professional training or guidance to operators, and then they can operate deep-reach forklift trucks to carry out efficient access to goods.


All dimensions of the double deep pallet racking system can be customized, which is an aspect that fits the needs of many warehouses. Since most warehouses store goods of different sizes, it is not possible to say that one size fits all, and this also affects the utilization of space. So the customizable nature of double deep racking provides companies with flexible storage solutions.

Disadvantage For Double Deep Racking

Learning Costs

Using double deep racking can be more complicated than traditional racking systems. Operators need to learn not only how to access goods on double deep pallet racking, but also how to operate deep-reach forklift trucks.

Specialized Equipment

The special equipment involved in double deep warehouse racking mainly focuses on the following two aspects, one is the forklift truck and the other is the safety equipment.

Forklift trucks, I think you should not be unfamiliar with, because of the design of double deep racking, the traditional forklift trucks are not deep enough to reach the deep cargo, so we need deep-reach forklift trucks of this special design.

In addition, due to the double deep racking goods are more dense, so in the racking safety needs to pay more attention than the traditional racking. Equipment such as crash barriers, safety nets and wearables are essential.

Not Suitable For High Turnover And Perishable Goods

Since double deep racking uses the LIFO (Last in, First out) loading method, the goods stored at the beginning are the last to be taken out. This method is very unfriendly to goods that need to be accessed frequently and are perishable, so if your goods are of this type, I would recommend you to use a racking system such as flow racking system that uses FIFO inventory management method.

Limited Visibility

The design of double deep racking is too dense, and the design of double racking makes it difficult to see the goods in the deeper part of the racking, which makes it more difficult to find and access the goods by human labor.

However, this disadvantage is not insurmountable. When using double deep racking, you can use a warehouse management system (WMS) to record the location of each pallet, so that even with limited visibility, you can quickly find the goods you want.

Managing Complexity

As I just mentioned, double deep racking has a high density of goods, so how to manage this huge amount of goods is a very important issue. So double deep racking needs a set of fine warehouse management systems to fulfill the daily operation.

Your Neighborhood Double Deep Racking Expert

In conclusion, I think you may have made your own decision about double deep racking, but regardless of how you choose to rack, I think it just needs to be based on what you actually need. However the length of an article is always limited, if you still have many doubts about double deep racking, then you are very welcome to contact us.

We are a warehouse racking manufacturer from China, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in racking as well as warehouses, so if you’re doubtful with double deep racking at the moment, then contact the double deep racking experts on your side!

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