Double Sided Cantilever Rack

Double-sided cantilever rack offers versatile storage solutions, optimizing space with its dual-sided accessibility for efficient organization and enhanced warehouse functionality.


Expertly crafted double-sided cantilever racks, exclusively manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility.
Experience unparalleled quality, design expertise, and factory sale-direct advantages.

Loading capacity Color Length of arm MOQ
100/200/300/500 /800/1000kgs per arm
Any color
600/800/900/1000 /1200/1500/1800mm
50 SET

Double-sided cantilever racks stand out due to their dual-sided accessibility, enabling efficient storage and retrieval from both ends.
Unlike some traditional shelving, this design maximizes space utilization while ensuring easy access to stored items. Its versatility caters to a variety of storage needs, making it a preferred choice for many businesses.

Assessing your warehouse’s specific requirements is crucial. Consider factors like the type of items you need to store, available space dimensions, and desired accessibility.
By understanding these aspects, you can determine if this storage solution aligns with your operational goals and space constraints.
If you’re not sure what shelving is best for you, you’re welcome to use our free consultation service!

It’s essential to adhere to manufacturer guidelines regarding weight capacities. Generally, the design ensures stability and strength, accommodating varying loads.
However, always consult specific specifications to ensure safe and efficient storage of items on this type of rack.

Maximizing the benefits of a double-sided cantilever rack involves strategic planning. Start by organizing items based on frequency of access. Place frequently retrieved items within easy reach.
Additionally, consider implementing labeling systems and regularly reviewing inventory to ensure optimal organization and efficiency.

With proper guidance and tools, assembling a double-sided cantilever rack can be manageable.
However, considering its structure and design intricacies, seeking expert assistance or following comprehensive assembly instructions is advisable.
Prioritize safety and ensure that all components fit securely for optimal performance.

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