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Why Choose Heda's Custom Display Shelves

Multiple certifications:
Our facilities and production lines undergo rigorous scrutiny from accredited bodies to guarantee that your products meet the highest standards of excellence.

Owned factories:
All shelves delivered to you by HEDA are crafted in our own facility. This enables us to enhance the quality and simultaneously offer you a more competitive price.

Professional veteran design team:
Many shelving companies have a design team, but not all ensure their designers know shelves well. HEDA shelves design team, though, has ten years of experience and intensive training, making them experts in shelf fabrication and load-bearing dynamics.

Tailor The Ideal Rack For Your Brand/Warehouse

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Please let us hear from you.

You can send us an email from the CONTACT page on the website, or from any of the contact buttons on the website.

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Tell us about your display shelf customization needs.

Please tell us as much detail as possible about your needs, whether you are looking for OEM for your brand or looking for a space design for your warehouse, we will help you to solve it perfectly.

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Please check our drawings/quote sheets.

We design a drawing based on your needs and space, with all the shelves and their dimensions.
You get a quote when you approve the drawing. (If you provide the drawing at first, we quote directly.)

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Finalize details, pay deposit, arrange production.

We confirm the quotation, delivery date, transportation method, payment method and other details. You pay the deposit to start the production. We ship on time after the production is done.

HEDA Custom Display Shelves: A Guide to the Common Queries of Buyers

HEDA Shelves is one of the earliest batch of racking factories in Guangdong, China, we have been established for 20+ years, with very professional and mature factory equipments. And we have two factories, one in Foshan City and one in Dongguan City.

  • We usually use T/T payment method, 30% deposit, the final payment can be paid before shipment.
  • Customized products we also use T/T payment method, but we need to charge a higher deposit, that is, 50%, the final payment before shipment.
  • We will have different solutions for you for different orders, you are welcome to consult our sales staff for details.

Custom shelving MOQ is 20-50 SET, specific MOQ needs to be checked with our sales staff.
If you are a whole warehouse storage custom project, we have no specific MOQ limit.

Medium-sized storage shelves, supermarket shelves and hardware tool shelves or customized shelves are basically bubble wrap packaging product appearance, and the use of cardboard boxes for secondary packaging after the bubble wrap.

Our products are basically full-coverage packaging, buyers do not need to worry about the shelves themselves will be broken.

Finally, in each package, we will stick labels to show what goods are inside.

Regular products can be delivered in 15-20 days, customized or project-based products will take 25-30 days, and the sales person who is responsible for docking with you will give you an accurate answer.

  • We are not responsible for the transportation cost.
  • Mode of cargo transportation:
    We will arrange it according to the buyer’s demand.
    Buyers can choose air freight or sea freight, but we basically advise buyers to take sea freight for goods with large volume like shelves.
  • Solution for cargo transportation:
    If the buyer has a cargo transportation agent in China, we will dock with the buyer’s agent to complete the shipment after we finish the production.
    If the buyer doesn’t have an agent in China, we will help the buyer to transport the goods to his designated place, of course, the cost needs to be paid by the buyer.

For customized products, we need to calculate the price according to your requirements, because the size and load capacity are different, the thickness of the materials used and the specifications are also different.
But please rest assured that our sales staff will give you the most accurate quote within 24 hours(Different needs require different amounts of time).

  • Style customization: you can provide us with a drawing of the style of shelf you want, we can open the mold according to your picture to manufacture, and produce exactly the same as the drawing for you in kind.
  • Specification customization: If you want a product can be manufactured according to your specifications, then you can provide us with the size you need, and then the factory will produce according to your requirements.
  • Color customization: the color of the product can also be painted according to your needs, just tell us the Pantone color number of this color.
  • Space customization: You can provide us with the floor plan of your warehouse, as well as the specifications and weight of the goods you need to place, and need to tell us what safety hazards you need to pay extra attention to your goods. For example: flammable, need to stay away from water sources, and so on. After we collect the information, we will also design a space design plan for you to fully meet your needs.

The advantages of Custom Display Shelves are that they can tailor the suitable display solution according to the customer’s specific needs, highlight the characteristics of the goods and brand, increase the customer’s awareness and purchase intention.

The production of Custom Display Shelves requires the cooperation of professional designers, engineers and manufacturers. From design sketches to material selection, from structure optimization to quality inspection, they all require fine craftsmanship and process.

The purchase of Custom Display Shelves requires contacting experienced and reputable suppliers, providing your own needs and budget, getting quotes and design renderings, confirming details and signing contracts, waiting for production and installation.

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