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Whether you need to showcase your products in a supermarket, a store, or any other commercial venue, HEDA’s versatile and reliable display shelving solutions will meet your expectations.
With years of expertise in designing and selling shelving systems, we know the essentials of good shelving. So, if you are still unsure about how to arrange your display space, why not contact HEDA and try our professional service!

We Have Prepared An Exclusive Market Information And Product Catalog For You

For different products, we will provide you with corresponding product catalogs and market product research, so that you can understand the most intuitively.

Why Choose Heda's Shelves

Multiple certifications:
Our production facilities and shelving undergo meticulous examination by accredited agencies to ensure that your products adhere to the highest standards of excellence.

Owned factories:
All shelves provided to you by HEDA are produced in our own workshop. This allows us to improve the quality and concurrently give you a more attractive price.

Finding The Perfect Shelves For Your Space

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Please let us hear from you.

You can send us an email from the CONTACT page on the website, or from any of the contact buttons on the website.

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Tell us about your shelves products/storage space/display space needs.

Tell us what you need in as much detail as possible, and we'll help you solve it perfectly, whether you're a shelving distributor or an actual demander.

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Please check our drawings/quote sheets.

We design a drawing based on your needs and space, with all the shelves and their dimensions.
You get a quote when you approve the drawing. (If you provide the drawing at first, we quote directly.)

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Finalize details, pay deposit, arrange production.

We confirm the quotation, delivery date, transportation method, payment method and other details. You pay the deposit to start the production. We ship on time after the production is done.

HEDA Commercial Display Rack Manufacturers: A Guide to the Common Queries of Buyers

HEDA Shelves Wholesale is one of the earliest batch of racking factories in Guangdong, China, we have been established for 20+ years, with very professional and mature factory equipments. And we have two factories, one in Foshan City and one in Dongguan City.

  • We usually use T/T payment method, 30% deposit, the final payment can be paid before shipment.
  • Customized products we also use T/T payment method, but we need to charge a higher deposit, that is, 50%, the final payment before shipment.
  • We will have different solutions for you for different orders, you are welcome to consult our sales staff for details.

Our finished shelving MOQ is 50 SET. custom shelving MOQ is 20-50 SET, specific MOQ needs to be checked with our sales staff.
If you are a whole warehouse storage/store display custom project, we have no specific MOQ limit.

Tool display shelves basically use bubble wrap to package the product appearance and use cardboard boxes for secondary packaging after the bubble wrap.

Our products are basically packed with full coverage, so buyers don’t have to worry that the shelves will be damaged during transportation.

Lastly, on each package, we put labels to show what goods are contained inside.

Regular products can be delivered in 15-20 days, customized or project-based products will take 25-30 days, and the sales person who is responsible for docking with you will give you an accurate answer.

  • We are not responsible for the transportation cost.
  • Mode of cargo transportation:
    We will arrange it according to the buyer’s demand.
    Buyers can choose air freight or sea freight, but we basically advise buyers to take sea freight for goods with large volume like shelves.
  • Solution for cargo transportation:
    If the buyer has a cargo transportation agent in China, we will dock with the buyer’s agent to complete the shipment after we finish the production.
    If the buyer doesn’t have an agent in China, we will help the buyer to transport the goods to his designated place, of course, the cost needs to be paid by the buyer.

Using a Commercial Display Rack can provide many benefits for retailers and customers, such as:

  • Enhancing the visual appeal and attractiveness of the products and the store.
  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of the products for customers.
  • Improving the organization and efficiency of the store layout and inventory management.
  • Boosting the sales and profitability of the store by encouraging impulse purchases and cross-selling.

Choosing the right Commercial Display Rack for your store depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type, size, shape, weight, and quantity of the products you want to display.
  • The available space, budget, and design theme of your store.
  • The preferences, needs, and expectations of your target customers.
  • The functionality, durability, versatility, and style of the Commercial Display Rack.

You can also consult with professional suppliers or manufacturers of Commercial Display Racks to get customized solutions and recommendations for your store.

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