Double Sided Gondola Shelving

Double sided gondola shelving is a common supermarket shelf layout. This type of shelving has two areas where merchandise can be displayed and is usually placed in the middle of the store or on either side of an aisle to allow customers to browse the merchandise from both directions.
These shelves usually have height-adjustable shelves to accommodate merchandise of different heights and sizes.

Shelf Load Capacity Color Height MOQ
Any color
At your request
50 SET

More Information About Double Sided Gondola Shelving

What are the benefits of choosing HEDA to purchase double sided gondola shelving

Rich Experience and Expertise: HEDA, as one of the well-known manufacturers of shelves in China, has rich experience and expertise. With years of experience in the industry, they are able to provide high quality products and professional services.

High Quality Products: HEDA focuses on product quality control and adopts advanced production technology and equipment to ensure product quality meets or exceeds industry standards.

Customization Capability: As a professional shelving manufacturer, HEDA has the flexible production capacity to customize according to customers’ needs. Whether it is the size, color, design or other requirements of the shelves, you can communicate with HEDA and customize the production.

Supply Chain and Logistics Advantage: HEDA has a robust supply chain and logistics system that can effectively manage raw material procurement, production and product transportation. This means faster and easier access to needed shelves and lower transportation costs.

Customer Service Support: HEDA provides good customer service support, including pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. They are willing to work with customers to resolve any issues that may arise and ensure customer satisfaction.

Maximize Display Space: The double-sided design allows more items to be displayed on the same shelf, thus maximizing the available display space.

Increase Product Visibility: Since merchandise can be displayed in both directions, more customers can see and notice the products, increasing product visibility and sales opportunities.

Increased traffic and sales: Double sided gondola shelving attract more customer traffic because they can draw customers in from different directions. This can lead to more sales opportunities and increased sales.

Flexibility: Double sided gondola shelving often features adjustable shelves that can be adjusted to the size and needs of the merchandise, thus providing greater flexibility.

High space utilization: Double sided gondola shelving can make full use of the space inside the store, especially suitable for those stores with limited space.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores: In supermarkets and grocery stores, double sided gondola shelving is commonly used to display food, beverage, daily necessities, and other grocery items. They can be placed on either side of an aisle or in the middle of the store to attract customers to browse the merchandise from different directions.

Convenience Stores and Small Retail Stores: For convenience stores and small retail stores with limited space, double sided gondola shelving is an effective way to maximize display space while providing more sales opportunities.

Department Stores and Large Retail Stores: In department stores and large retail stores, double sided gondola shelving is often used to display merchandise such as apparel, home furnishings, toys, and more. They can be used in different departments to display various types of merchandise.

Exhibitions and Events: In exhibitions and events, double sided gondola shelving can be used to display a variety of products or promotional items to attract visitors’ attention and increase sales.

Pharmacies and Cosmetic Stores: Pharmacies and cosmetic stores usually use double sided gondola shelving to display medicines, beauty products, and personal care products, as well as other small items.

The basic load capacity of double sided gondola shelving is usually about 500 lbs (about 227 kg) to 1,000 lbs (about 454 kg) per shelf. This range can vary depending on specific customer needs. After all, a different weight capacity requires a higher manufacturing cost to support it.

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