Convenience Store Shelves

Convenience store shelves are a kind of shelves used in convenience stores to display goods, their name is representative of its purpose. convenience store shelves have more varieties, but the same as supermarket shelves, only in the size of the difference, because most of the convenience stores do not have a lot of indoor space.

Advantages of convenience store shelves

  1. Maximizing Your Convenience Store Space
  2. Enhance the visibility of your merchandise
  3. Drive sales through creative layouts
  4. Enhance the shopping experience
  5. Facilitate merchandise management and replenishment by convenience store staff
Shelf Load Capacity Color MOQ
Primary Color(custom colors are available)

Single-sided shelves:
a kind of shelves that only one side can visit the goods, generally used for placing against the wall.
Double-sided shelves:
a kind of two sides can visit the goods shelves, generally placed in the center of the store, both can place more goods, but also as a separation area.
Wall-mounted shelves:
these shelves are usually smaller in size and need to be anchored to the wall, generally these shelves are used to display small goods such as cigarettes.
Refrigerated shelves:
this type of shelves rather than call it shelves, rather than call it electrical appliances. It is used to place food or drinks that need to be refrigerated.
Customized shelves:
In the convenience store from time to time there will be brands to promote their new products, which will be used to display some unique and beautiful shelves, this category does not have a fixed style and specifications, you need to contact the manufacturer to take the customized service.

Convenience store shelves can be made of a very wide range of materials, and the specifics will depend on factors such as your budget, store decoration style and type of merchandise. And next I will introduce you some common materials.
Convenience store shelves made of metal are usually made of steel or aluminum, and these types of shelves are characterized by their sturdiness and durability. And metal shelves are basically painted when they are manufactured, so the surface is smooth and easy to clean.
Wooden convenience store shelves have a more natural and beautiful look, and if your store favors a cozy atmosphere, I think wooden convenience store shelves will be perfect for you. But it also has a disadvantage, the price will be more expensive and heavier.
This type of material is among the cheapest, and it is very easy to carry thanks to its light weight. However, it does have its drawbacks in that it cannot hold heavier items and will have a shorter lifespan.
Mixed materials:
Nowadays our customers like to buy mixed material shelves, basically metal frame with wooden or glass shelves, this convenience store shelves to ensure that the strong at the same time also more beautiful.

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