Horizontal Sheet Rack

Horizontal sheet rack is a type of racking used for storing flat sheet type materials.The horizontal sheet rack has a unique shape which consists of several horizontally placed layers. There is a height gap between the shelves for storing flat sheet materials.

What can be stored in a horizontal sheet rack?

As long as the materials or goods are in the form of flat sheets, they are very suitable for storage in a horizontal sheet rack.
Examples include wooden sheets, metal sheets, plastic sheets, glass sheets, composite sheets and stone sheets.

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Advantages of Horizontal Sheet Rack

Unique design
You don’t often see shelves that don’t have a lot of storage space per level, but this design is instead best suited for flat materials, such as wood planks, steel plates, and more. And it is very convenient to access materials on all four sides.

Keeping materials intact

The height of each level of the horizontal sheet rack is designed according to your needs, but basically, each level does not store too much flat material, because too much material can lead to deformation and other damages to the material at the bottom.

Stability and safety

Horizontal sheet racks are made of fully welded steel frames, which are very stable in terms of material strength, ensuring the stability and safety of the racks during use.

Store more materials in a limited space

The horizontal sheet rack consists of a number of upper and lower storage spaces in which flat materials are placed horizontally. This is designed to develop the space upwards and to save the shelf’s own footprint.

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